What is square dancing?

Posted by Kris (admin) on Oct 30 2007 at 7:12 PM

Modern western square dancing is a far cry from the old time barn dances of yesteryear. Today's dancers are a lively, fun loving group who just enjoy being in each others company. The dance itself is excellent exercise and is touted by doctors everywhere as a way to help maintain your fitness. Although it started in America, square dancing is performed around the world, even such far off places as Japan. No matter where you travel you will have instant friends as a square dancer.

Square dancers are honest, fun loving people. We are the kind of people you will be proud to call friends. Our enthusiasm for the dance is contagious and, should you decide to join us, you will be caught up in this wonderful world of square dancing and using the non-alcoholic stimulants of FUN and FELLOWSHIP and loving every minute of it.

How do you learn? You will join a class of other happy dancers led by a Caller and assisted by "square dance angels." Angels are dancers who attend the class with you to help in the learning process. Although it's called a class, you will have fun from the first night. You will learn a group of basic calls that are then used to form dances. Think of it this way. There are only thirteen notes in the musical scale but composers arrange these notes to form thousands of songs. In much the same way, a caller arranges the basic calls to form different dances.

And how much does all this fun and entertainment cost? Less than the price of a movie. Join the Westport Squares and get in on the fun and excitement. You'll thank yourself for the rest of your life. Contact us today about classes.