Keeping Dancers Informed via the Internet

Posted by Kris (admin) on Oct 28 2007 at 8:25 PM

In todays fast paced society how do you insure that your fellow square dancers know what's going on. The answer is the Internet and the many tools it offers such as web pages, e-mail and search functions for anything you can imagine.

The Westport Squares are utilizing these tools. A web page created by Curt and Karen Shawkey is the anchor point for club news as well as area and state happenings. It is updated often to keep information fresh. To deliver late breaking news, we use e-mail. It's easy, fast, and can be responded to instantly.

Twenty-two of our members have e-mail addresses that are in an address book on our computer. We can write one message and it is sent to all our members at one time. This keeps everyone up to date even if they cannot attend every dance. Everyone feels involved and stays interested in club activities.

Other dancers both in state and out of state searching for information often hit our web page. We are able to answer their inquiries. It also has been helpful getting new dancers and informing them of new lesson information.

The computer is here to stay. The square dance world can use the benefits it offers. If your club has members with computers why not give it a try. You'll be glad you did.

Article appearing in Fall 1998 issue of "Here 'Tis" Back