Art Weisensel 1917 - 1975

Posted by Karen (karen) on Jan 06 2008 at 6:21 PM

Art worked with and taught many new callers the art of smooth dancing to the music. He started many clubs, one of them being the Westport Squares on June 25, 1955. The first dance was attended by 23 couples. The fee was $1.00 per couple. Art's fee was $25. a dance. He graduated Westports first beginner class on April 11, 1956.

Other clubs Art called for regularly are Lake Mills, Prairie Promenaders, York Center, & Doyletown. He also called weekend dance fests at Chula Vista and the Okee Lodge.

Art and Mary were on the staff at Peaceful Valley, a dude ranch in Colorado that featured square dancing. Art was well known for the skits he performed after the dances, called "After Parties". Art and Mary also taught Round Dancing and were a pleasure to watch dancing together.

Art was on the board for the first Wisconsin Square Dance Convention which later formed the Square Dance Association of Wisconsin (SDAW).

Art's sudden death on July 28, 1975 was a shock to Westport and the Square Dance world. Will Ferderer was asked to fill in for Art. He called for Westport every third and fifth Friday's. Don Niva stepped in and took over lessons in September of 1975.

One of Arts favorite saying was "Friendship is Square Dancing's greatest reward"