History of the Westport Clock

This project began as a result of the clock missing the minute hand and Karen Shawkey's request for its history to be placed on our web site ( along with its picture.

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What is Fast Track Square dancing?

In today's busy world we recognize that the long commitment of over 26 weeks of lessons becomes impractical for many of us.  Because of this, we have adapted a Fast Track lesson program endorsed by many well known national callers as well as by Caller Lab.

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What are you doing Sunday evenings this fall?

By Linda Jallings, Madison - July 2011

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Find out how at Westport Squares Dance Lessons!!!

By Judy Seip, Madison, July 2010

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Art Weisensel 1917 - 1975

Art starting calling in 1948, he worked with Fritz Erb who helped him by letting him call a tip whenever Art and his "Taw" Mary attended his dances. Art remembered this and always encouraged new callers by inviting them to call a tip at his dances.

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What is square dancing?

Modern western square dancing is a far cry from the old time barn dances of yesteryear.

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Keeping Dancers Informed via the Internet

In todays fast paced society how do you insure that your fellow square dancers know what's going on. The answer is the Internet and the many tools it offers such as web pages, e-mail and search functions for anything you can imagine.

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